Account management issues

What do I need to do in order to start cooperation with you?

In order to start cooperation, it is necessary to make a few simple steps. First, create an account by clicking the "Sign Up" button, which is located on the website of the CoinBit service. Further, fill in the required fields with reliable information, confirm your agreement with the original Agreement by checking the corresponding box and then complete the registration using the "Sign Up" button.

How can I become an investor in CoinBit?

In order to acquire the status of a service investor, you need to create an active deposit.

Can I create multiple accounts on the same computer?

Registration of multiple accounts is allowed, subject to the presence of an individual IP address on each account. Otherwise, you need to contact the administration to clarify the information.

Can I create multiple accounts from the same IP address, but from different computers?

Creating multiple accounts from one computer is forbidden. An exception is the creation of accounts for each member of the family and is accompanied by a request for technical support with an appropriate note. Accounts will be created without using the affiliate chain.

I registered, but forgot my login / password. What can I do?

In order to restore the login / password, you must use the appropriate form of recovery, which is located on the personal account login page on the CoinBit website.

I registered and made a deposit, but incorrectly indicated my payment details. What shall I do?

In order to change individual payment details, you need to contact technical support by creating and sending a letter to the official e-mail address, as well as indicate the appropriate note in the subject line.

I have problems with registration. What shall I do?

Problems of a technical nature are solved in one way or another when contacting the technical support of the CoinBit service using any convenient method for the user.

Investment and withdrawal issues

What payment systems can I use to open a deposit?

CoinBit works only with Bitcoin.

In what currency is the deposit opened?

The main currency in CoinBit is Bitcoin. The investor has the ability to replenish the balance using any available payment system. All the invested money is automatically converted into Bitcoin at the current exchange rate at the time of the replenishment of the account.

What is the Bitcoin rate in company when opening/withdrawing accrued funds?

Bitcoin rate is official data of "Bitstamp" exchange.

What is the minimum and maximum deposit?

The minimum threshold for creating a deposit is 0.001 Bitcoin, the maximum limit is 1 Bitcoin. In case you want to create a deposit for a large amount, please contact the official email address of the service by creating a letter with the appropriate note.

How is the profit accrued?

You will receive 2.4% - 3.5% per day only weekdays (Monday-Friday) 5 times of week for 1 year (365 days).

How long after the deposit is created, will the first charge be made?

The first charge will be made in 24 hours.

How many deposits can I have on one account?

Each investor has the right to create an unlimited number of deposits, subject to a limited amount of 1 Bitcoin. In case you want to create deposits for a large amount, please contact the company's official email address, by creating a letter with the appropriate note.

Where can I see the amount earned?

The available amount is displayed in your account. It displays the aggregated amount of the main deposit (from all payment systems) and partner accruals.

How long take process a withdrawal request?

Request is processed manually. The delay is no more than 24 hours. Please wait your payment and contact support only after this time.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawing the earned funds?

Withdrawal of funds is possible only in Bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 Bitcoin and implies withdrawal of both the main earnings and earnings from the partner program.

Is it possible to make a withdrawal on one of the payment systems available for replenishment?

Withdrawal of funds is possible only via Bitcoin.

Does CoinBit have a fee for withdrawing funds from the system?

Our service retains a fee for Bitcoin transaction is 0.0005 BTC

Can I withdraw my deposit?

Deposit withdrawal is not provided.

Affiliate program questions

Are there any additional income opportunities besides opening a deposit?

As an additional tool, CoinBit offers the participation of investors in an affiliate program, which implies receiving a daily percentage of profit and amount open deposit the invited partner.

What percentage of partner reward is provided in your company?

The affiliate program has several levels, for more details click "here"

What do you need to do to receive a partner reward?

It is necessary to use a specialized link, which is located in the personal account of each investor. By inviting a partner who will register and create a deposit using your link, you will start earning a partner income. You can also place advertising banners of the company, which are available in your personal account.

I posted my referral links on the Internet, but I did not get any bonuses, what should I do?

You just need to wait and see. Perhaps it makes sense to place a referral link on other Internet sites or just provide it to people you know or to your colleagues who may be interested in the opportunity to increase their income.

How do I know the total number of referrals I have?

You need to log in to your account and click "My Team". Then you will see the entire list.

How to promote my referral link?

The combination of effective online advertising using all available promotional materials can bring you visible results in the shortest time. Use your website, social page (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram) to inform your friends about us. Best advertising is always a "word of mouth" tactic, which means your direct honest review, tell your friends and colleagues about CoinBit's capabilities.

Is there a limit in the amounts of the referral commission?

No, the more your referrals invest, the more you can earn.

Can I create an official CoinBit chat in Telegram in my country?

Only an active partner with at least 500 members in their chat room can apply their Telegram supergroup as an official CoinBit community. Additional moderator rights will be requested, and visual updates will be made to the appearance of the group.

Security questions

What kind of personal information should I provide to the company?

We do not require our clients to provide personal data. You can use anonymous contact information and names. The minimum amount of information about you that the company needs is your full name and email address. Required fields are indicated in the registration form.

Are my personal data protected?

Your personal data are protected at the highest level and stored in a safe place. First of all, all confidential data is stored in an encrypted format. The information is SSL transmitted. In addition to the fact that our site has been tested for weaknesses and threats from users, the entire hosting is securely protected from DDoS attacks. Lawyers and cryptographers also took care that the content of the information was not available on a legal request, so information about your income and finances is protected.

Are you protected from DDoS attacks?

Yes, we use the highest level of DDoS protection in business with 100% uptime guarantee.

I became a victim of fraud, what should I do?

If you find that your account has been hacked, immediately notify CoinBit. Please change your email password as soon as possible.

What is Cold Reserve?

CR. Or "Cold Reserve" can be considered as an additional security function for all active partners of the CoinBit platform. This is a growing security fund for crypto currency. CR - this bitco-addresses are completely under the control and access of CoinBit. "Cold Reserve" means storing Bitcoin on several "Cold-Wallets" Built exclusively on the automatically deductible amount from our profit and does not affect the daily return on investment of our investors. It is impossible to collect or steal users' money even on direct requests from government agencies.

I found a vulnerability (a technical error) in the CoinBit.Cash website.

Your help in improving the maintenance of our platforms is very much appreciated. We encourage such actions. Your time spent searching, as well as your honesty, can be rewarded. Please contact our support team and give a full explanation, description of the error.

Other matters

Where can I go for help if I do not find an answer to my question?

We recommend that you contact technical support using the official Telegram or use the company's official email address.

What is the schedule for the technical support service?

Technical support is available around the clock. All applications received at the official e-mail address are processed on a first-come-first-served basis.